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The Radeberger gruppe offers its customers in the catering and retail trade - but nore importantly, of course, all its consumers - a unique variety of beer types and brands. Pils, Weizen, Export, Alt, Koelsch, Helles, Alcohol-free beers, seasonal Festbier or Blockbier - the Radeberger Gruppe´s portfolio is unique in Germany for combining all the nationally-represented beer types with virtually all the popular regional specialities. This enables caterers, for example, to fill their entire drinks menu with hight-quality, diversified and regionally-coloured products from a single supplier - from super premium beers and the popular traditional brands to an exclusive water and a very popular soft drink...

Your can see "what the Radeberger Gruppe´s made of" in our illustrated brand overview which is divided onto the categories "Beer range" and "NA (Non-Alcoholic)". Just click on one of the two crown caps - and you will get a brand overview about the Radeberger Grupe´s particular portfolio. You will then find detailed information on our beer brands and our soft drinks on the individual brand websites.