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Our story began in 1952, when Rudolf August Oetker bought the Binding Brauerei AG in Frankfurt - the "nucleus" of today's Radeberger Gruppe KG. This traditional Frankfurt brewery has undergone numerous business acquisitions and participations and internal growth through strong brands to become Germany's largest brewery group. In keeping with this tradition, the group is still headquartered at Sachsenhaeuser Berg in Frankfurt.

The "History of the Radeberger Gruppe" section describes how the regional Binding Brauerei came to be Germany's market leader in the beer sector. Obviously we can only demonstrate the development of the Radeberger Gruppe in this overview, not the multi-faceted and exciting brewing traditions of all our regional sites.

While the Radeberger Gruppe is an extremely young company, our regional breweries can look back on diversified, often centuries-old brewing histories. This long and successful tradition is something this major private brewing group feels unequivocally bound by to this day. An exceptional number of impulses, ideas and traditions within the German beer market - from new barrel designs and beer varieties to unusual distribution channels, creative marketing ideas and concerted quality endeavours - originated at one of the Radeberger Gruppe's companies. From there, these innovations have marched triumphantly through the entire German - and often, the worldwide - beer market.