Our mission statement:

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The Radeberger Gruppe - Living German beer culture!

The Radeberger Gruppe is an active element of Germany's unique and fascinating beer culture. Germany is currently the beer capital of the world, and is set to remain so. No other country produces such a vast array of beer brands and varieties - and no other country brews and consumes beer with such passion and emotion. This beer culture is worthy of affection and preservation: it must be carefully, purposefully - and, above all, actively - developed further.

These, then, are the colours the Radeberger Gruppe has, as market leader, nailed to its mast... and incorporated into its slogan. "We live German beer culture" is not just an active promise to our business associates and fans of our great beers. Instead, it is a pledge to which the Radeberger Gruppe renews its commitment daily - and one which guides and influences its employees in their daily work.

The Radeberger Gruppe represents a business model unique to the German beer market. At our 14 sites, which are managed centrally but operated in accordance with regional attitudes and the requirements of local consumers, the Radeberger Gruppe brews over 80 different brands of beer to traditional recipes - from national premium brands through national specialities and regional premium brands to various traditional, regional brands. No other brewing group in the German market offers such a comprehensive and multi-faceted brand portfolio. No other German brewing group offers its catering and retail partners such a comprehensive product range. No one in the German market offers aficionados of German beer beverages of the very highest quality and such wholly individual brand mystique.

The German beer culture, therefore, requires a clear commitment on the part of the Radeberger Gruppe to provide the best possible products and services. It requires a firm promise to cultivate variety in the German market, to preserve this wherever possible, and to invest in brands and develop these further. It creates an obligation to respect the powerful emotional bond between consumers and brands and to dignify the strong mindset which has so influenced and shaped many of our brands. A passion which links around 5,895 of the Radeberger Gruppe's employees at our 15 sites and which motivates them afresh each day.

We live German beer culture - every day and with our every action! With each and every beer and bottle of Selters, which leaves our 15 yards. With each mouthful our consumers enjoy. With each business decision we make.