Quality standards

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"Quality is the best recipe!" holds equally true for the beverages market.

The Oetker Group's motto is one to which the Radeberger Gruppe is committed, not only as a member of the Oetker Group, but also as a producer of high-quality beverages. In brewing, too, good ingredients are the basis of good products - and the high quality standards set by the Radeberger Gruppe and all its sites begin with the purchasing of raw materials, such as hops or malt.

We set great store by high-quality ingredients. These are characterised by their good brewing properties, their lack of preservatives and other additives and, above all, by their purity.

Our beers are, of course, brewed in accordance with the strict specifications of the German Purity Law - and we supplement this - the world's oldest and most effective foodstuffs regulation - with the latest testing and control procedures. These procedures accompany our beers, which are brewed quite brand-specifically from four pure ingredients - throughout the entire brewing process, right up to the bottling stage.

Intensive quality assurance and controls are our utmost priority. A tightly-woven network of systematic controls and/or random sampling guarantees the best possible quality of our beers, whether we're brewing one of our national brands or a traditional regional variety. Our employees are regularly trained in current technologies and scientific methods, and our equipment is continually updated in accordance with the latest innovations, research and optimisation processes.

This ensures that every single one of our beers has the taste you expect - the taste you enjoy. It also ensures that we can repeatedly impress you with our quality.

While consumer enthusiasm for and confidence in our brands are the primary indicators that our quality standards are effective, our efforts are also consistently recognised by official bodies. These include the German Agricultural Association (Deutsche Landwirtschaftsgesellschaft, or DLG) for example, whose standards are, by their own admission, the toughest in the beer market.

During 39 years of participation in the DLG competition, the companies of the Radeberger Gruppe have managed to bring home an unbelievable 444 awards. There can, indeed, be no better evidence of quality in action.