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Beer has achieved cult status in Germany, representing joie de vivre, pleasure and conviviality. German beer culture is both unique in the world and a part of German identity and tradition.

As Germany's largest private brewing group, the Radeberger Gruppe sees itself as a guardian of German beer culture. The group considers the responsible marketing and distribution of its products an essential element of this role.

As biggest player in the German beer market, the Radeberger Gruppe is aware of its particular responsibility as a manufacturer of alcoholic beverages.

It lives up to this responsibility through a clear commitment to the existing statutory requirements for the distribution of alcoholic beverages, including the dispensing limits for alcoholic products, strict adherence to the German Advertising Council's codes of conduct for alcoholic beverages and, not least, through concerted, voluntary participation in the "Bier bewusst geniessen" [Use your beer sense] campaign, which is intended to promote sensible, modest and responsible attitudes towards the consumption of beer and beverages containing beer.

The Radeberger Gruppe is actively and enthusiastically committed to the restrained and responsible enjoyment of it's passionately and painstakingly-brewed beer.

It has no interest in the abuse of its products, whether through excessive consumption, underage drinking or drinking beer at inappropriate times.

It therefore supports the sensible enjoyment of beer, observes critical trends and developments in the market and does everything in its power to confront these resolutely.