Beer and environment

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The responsible and sustainable handling of environmental resources is a natural element of the Radeberger Gruppe's company philosophy.

The German Purity Law of 1516 is the world's oldest food regulation and forms the basis of our beer production process. The Radeberger Gruppe considers that this regulation, which has clearly stood the test of time, also enshrines a clear duty to protect the environment. The companies of the Radeberger Gruppe therefore utilise both resources and production facilities carefully and sparingly and are constantly optimising their production processes to conserve the environment. Only a consistent, sustainable, resource-friendly attitude to nature can ensure the quality and availability of the water, hops, malt and yeast required for our beer - both now and into the future...

All the processes within our breweries are, therefore, assessed in terms of their effect on the environment. Producing, bottling and transporting beer are resource-intensive processes. The Radeberger Gruppe therefore ensures - whilst safeguarding its own business interests - that energy and water consumption, as well as the generation of effluent, waste or dust and noise emissions during the manufacturing process, are continually minimised using state-of-the-art methods and technology. Energy-saving schemes and the establishment of defined procedural responsibilities within our breweries conserve natural resources. In this way, therefore, we contribute both to our business objectives and our social responsibilities, thus securing our markets and sites in the long term.