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The beer of this city since 1878.

No other brewery is so closely linked to Rostock and its people. Because the beer of the Hanseatische Brauerei Rostock has been brewed by the people of Rostock for the people of Rostock – for generations.


The company

Rostock beer had a reputation for a quality and flavor as far back as the Middle Ages. 1878 opened a new chapter in its history. On the 28th March, Georg Mahn and Friedrich Ohlerich announced that they had "bought over" the Meyersche Bierbrauerei. After an eventful company history, the Rostock beers - as ambassadors of their home town - proudly bear the town hall and griffin of the Rostock crest in their logo - and in their hearts.


The brands

The umbrella brand Rostocker includes the finely bitter Rostocker Pils, the refreshing shandy Rostocker Radler, the malty and aromatic Rostocker Export, and the specialty beers Rostocker Bock Dunkel and Rostocker Bock Hell. In addition, you can also enjoy the full bodied and aromatic Rostocker Dunkel in restaurants. You can't get more Rostock into any bottle. Completely independent and as good today as it ever was is the mildly hopped M&O, the legendary beer of the company founders Mahn & Ohlerich.



"Rostockers at Heart" - this slogan is used to support the Rostock brands through classic advertising, supplemented by promotions, sponsoring, and events. The most important involvement is Hanse Sail. As a firmly rooted company in the heart of the city of Rostock, the Hanseatische Brauerei Rostock is a reliable partner at a wide variety of actions and events in and around Rostock. In contrast, "M&O: The Legend Lives On" is the tag line for the mildly hopped beer that generates excitement through events, in clubs, and with online activities.