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Gruess Gott in the Allgaeu

Germany has many attractive areas. One of the prettiest is home to the Allgaeuer Brauhaus. With close ties to the Allgaeu, this traditional brewery bears the name of its homeland with pride.


The company

The Allgaeuer Brauhaus can look back on more than 600 years of history. As far back as 1394, the chronicles made mention of the Stiftsbrauerei, one of today's origins of the Allgaeuer Brauhaus. With the administration and sales department in Kempten and the highly modern brewery in Marktoberdorf-Leuterschach, the Allgaeuer Brauhaus is the biggest brewery in the Allgaeu today.


The brands

Clip-lock brands such as the Allgaeuer Bueble family and the Altenmuenster Brauer beers carry the Allgaeue's good reputation far beyond its borders. The strong classic brands Teutsch Pils, Urtyp Export, Fuerstabt Hefeweizen, the Alt Kemptener Weisse and seasonal brands complete the regional portfolio of the Allgaeuer Brauhaus.



The Allgaeuer Brauhaus is conscious of its roots in its home market. Links with institutions and clubs are carefully cultivated. The region's cultural, traditional and sporting events will continue to be supported into the future. At all these activities, the specialty brewery goes beyond the brew kettle to demonstrate its clear commitment to the Allgaeu through enjoyment, emotion and experience.