Application Tips

There are numerous recommendations on how to create a successful application. We are not going to repeat them all here, nor do we have a "silver bullet" for you. Success always involves a certain element of luck.

You can, however, simplify the selection process for us by paying attention to the following:

Applying for a specific job offer

Your application folder should include the usual material such as a covering letter, a chronological CV and copies of references.

Please don't forget to state your current address, your telephone number (and mobile number, if you like) and your email address if you have one.


On-spec applications

In this instance, we recommend that you initially send us a letter of application and a chronological CV only. Should this initial application pique our interest, we will contact you to request that you submit all the necessary documents.


Online applications

In principle, we welcome e-mail applications. While, on the one hand, these should be formulated just as carefully as a conventional application, on the other, emails with a flood of attached files are hard to deal with.

Restrict yourself to the essentials. Scrollable PDF files have proved their worth.

By transmitting your application documents to us, you are giving your consent to the electronic storing and processing of your personal details. Our data protection policies apply accordingly.