The company

The Radeberger Gruppe is currently Germany's market leader. The group is part of the Dr. August Oetker KG family business in Bielefeld and a strategic business arm of the Oetker Gruppe. The Radeberger Gruppe considers itself the guardian of German beer culture: the group is committed to regionality and emotionally-charged brands to cultivate the diversity of German beer, and contributes with its innovative business concept to advancing the German beer and beverage market.  

The Radeberger Gruppe currently operates 14 beer sites across the country. A mineral spring in Selters an der Lahn is a strategic addition to the regional sites. With its unique brand portfolio Radeberger Gruppe clearly reflects this regional positioning. From smooth bitter Radeberger and dry Frisian Jever to Dortmunder Kronen Export, Sion Kölsch, Schlösser Alt, Berliner Pilsner from the capital, Ur-Krostitzer from the Leipzig area, Hessen's Römer Pils, Tucher from Franken, Stuttgarter Hofbräu and Altenmünster Brauer Bier from the Allgäu - this is German beer culture. This is the German beer market.

This is the Radeberger Gruppe...