Always one step ahead

Who we are? First and foremost, we are Germany’s largest private brewery group and part of the family-owned company Dr. August Oetker KG in Bielefeld. However, we are also much more than that: beverage wholesaler, long-haul logistics experts, retailer, and even a provider of networked system solutions for the Horeca industry. In addition, we are a shareholder of an online communications agency. But even that is far from everything:
Our brands are the heart and soul of our company and our portfolio of national, regional, and international beers and non-alcoholic beverages is the core of our business model of regional activities steered by centralized management systems.

With subsidiaries in beverage logistics and beverage wholesaling, we are also one of Germany’s leading companies in this area. The Deutsche Getränke Logistik (DGL) is a real beverage logistics “heavyweight” in our portfolio. Moreover, with our beverage wholesalers such as Getränke Preuss-Münchhagen, Getränke Weidlich or WIGEM we supply around 15,000 catering and restaurant locations in Germany, making sure they do not run dry.

In addition to this, there is a network of over 500 beverage retail outlets operated by our subsidiary Getränke Hoffmann, with which we also provide consumers with an attractive offering – from the very north of Germany to northern Hesse. At the same time, we are increasingly establishing ourselves digitally - and are working alone or with partners on networked system solutions for the future of the retail and the restaurant industry.

And with our shares in the communications agency OnlineDialog we are well advised in the area of online communication.

But that is far from all: We will continue to work on smart solutions and cooperations, going against the grain in our market, and pioneering unusual methods of cooperation -in our established market but also far beyond it.


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