Code of conduct

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Manufacturers and importers of alcoholic beverages in Germany have submitted to a strict code of conduct on commercial communications concerning alcoholic beverages. This code of conduct is monitored by the German Advertising Council [Deutscher Werberat]

The code of conduct regulates unequivocally the advertising messaging used by manufacturers of alcoholic beverages. It also regulates the form and target groups of all such messaging, thus setting clear guidelines for Germany's breweries.

The Radeberger Gruppe, with its breweries and regional and national brands, is emphatically committed to this code of conduct - adhering to it strictly and in all conscience in all its commercial communications. Thus, advertising messages which:

  • Are aimed at under-age minors
  • feature illustrations of minors dinking beer
  • feature illustrations of competitive athletes consuming beer
  • or which encourage excessive consumption of alcohol

are taboo.

This is more than a duty for the Radeberger Gruppe; it's a commitment.

This code has been issued to all the breweries' regional sites and to all advertising agencies working for the Radeberger Gruppe. It defines the framework for all the Radeberger Gruppe's advertising campaigns and messaging uniformly and unambiguously. It forms a reference point and an orientation tool for every campaign and for all marketing and PR activities.

Despite this active and commitment, our advertising messages may occasionally appear misleading or be misunderstood by the consumer.

The Radeberger Gruppe states expressly that this is neither its desire nor its intention.

Should you notice any commercial communication issued by a Radeberger Gruppe brand which you feel is not in keeping with the code of practice laid down by the German Advertising Council, you may lodge a complaint with this latter organisation.

You can, of course, also contact us directly. We are always happy to receive constructive feedback at: .

Your feedback enables us to make our advertising and our messaging even more responsible.