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Stepping into the future responsibly

Taking responsibility – a major task we address ourselves to over and over. But it also challenges us on a daily basis and allows us to grow slowly but surely. For the employees in our breweries and subsidiaries, the focus herein lies in the environmentally friendly use of valuable resources, recyclability just as the responsible consumption and handling of alcoholic beverages.

Therefore our breweries and subsidiaries are regionally involved – as employers, as members of the local community, and, not least, as supporters and cooperation partners of established regional events and clubs. In that regard, sensitizing our employees to the subject of “ecological responsibility” is particularly important to us: relevant partners regularly hold presentations as part of information events and present their initiatives to the staff. Our commitment is rounded out by diverse projects relating to the subject of biodiversity.

When purchasing our raw ingredients, operating our plants, and brewing our beer we also keep resource conservation in mind, for example with our cogeneration units at various locations. Another resource-conserving measure that we systematically apply throughout the group is the use of climate-friendly, low-noise e-forklifts.

Every year our commitments are recognized by independent certifications, so we can also prove our continued efforts in environmental management for more ecological sustainability.

However, the establishment of relevant standards does not stop at the borders of our company grounds. We also expect responsible, viable actions from our partners based on our Code of conduct for suppliers. This applies to all parties and adherence to it is monitored via a multistage process. This, for one, includes our group-wide compliance management system, as well as the collaborative online platform EcoVadis, which helps monitor our own overall sustainability performance as well as that of our suppliers.

We engage in these commitments based on the knowledge and conviction that only a company that remains competitive and progressive can meet this multifaceted responsibility. Because for us, acting sustainably is a continuous process that stabilizes the balance between sound economical performances and ecological as well as social aspects.

Please find our first Sustainability Report here:

Our Responsibility as a manufacturer of alcoholic beverages

Another topic that is especially close to our heart: the responsible consumption and handling of our products. Because we are fully aware as a manufacturer of alcoholic beverages, in selling and marketing our products, we have a distinct responsibility. Therefore, we commit ourselves to the existing legal provisions for the marketing of alcoholic beverages, strictly adhere to the code of conduct of the German Advertising Federation for commercial communication of alcoholic beverages, and are a driver and major supporter of the industry campaigns “Bier bewusst genießen” (Drink responsibly) “Don’t Drink and Drive” and “Bier? Sorry, erst ab 16.” (Beer? Sorry, not until you are 16), which promote moderate and responsible consumption of beer and mixed beer drinks.

If you notice something in our commercial communication that you think is not compatible with the code of conduct of the German Advertising Federation, you can lodge a complaint via .
Of course, you can also contact us directly at . We are happy to receive your constructive feedback
This will help us to comply with the code of conduct more sensitively and strictly in our advertising. Thank you very much.


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