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German beer (sub)culture from Leipzig

The Sternburg Brauerei in the heart of Leipzig - referred to by its fans, tongue-in-cheek, as "Sterniversum" ["sterniverse"] - is home to one of the most dazzling, multifaceted brands of the Radeberger Gruppe. Sternburg is different to other beer brands: the brand with the rough edges has a considerable cult following and a creative and emotional appeal, as well as being good value for money.


The company

The history of this brewery is inextricably linked to that of Leipzig itself. Founded in 1862, the brewery is among the most modern in Europe today. In 2004, the eyes of the brewing world turned to Leipzig for the unveiling of the world's most modern brew house.


The brands

The wide array of products from the brand that is produced here - Sternburg, which the fans also lovingly call "Sterni", provide the right specialty beer for every taste: Export [export], Pilsener [Pilsner], Schwarzbier [dark beer], the mixed beer drinks Radler [shandy] and Diesel, as well as the alcohol-free malt drink Doppelkaramel [double caramel] all ensure stellar hours with Sternburg. The beers have received numerous awards and accolades, testifying to the superior quality of the beer from Leipzig. "Merke Dir - Sternburg Bier!" ["Keep in mind - Sternburg beer!"]



The significance of the Sternburg Brauerei as a highly modern, innovative economic force and employer is undisputed. The company is viewed throughout Saxony as an example of quality assurance and eco-friendliness. This can be seen by taking an informative tour of the brewery. The fan club, which opened in 2007 on the brewery grounds, serves as a starting point and provides interesting insights into the history of the brand, as well as into the creativity of the Sternburg fans. The "sterniverse" also opens its doors once a year to celebrate a stellar fan fest. Moreover, Sternburg teams take part in entertaining regional events such as soapbox or bathtub races.