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Sternburg Brauerei

Sternburg Brauerei

Mühlstraße 13
04317 Leipzig

Tel.: 0341 - 22 223 0
Fax: 0341 22 223 – 99 216

When you think of Leipzig, do you think of the monument to the Battle of the Nations, Auerbachs Keller restaurant, the meeting place for students from Goethe’s Faust, or famous names such as Bach, Leibniz, or Nietzsche? If that is the case, we think you’re way off the mark! Because in the heart of the Reudnitz district, close to the city center and not far from the university, you find the home of our Sternburg Beer: The Sterni Universe. Sternburg beer, also called Sterni, is polarizing, cheeky, loud, and edgy. And its fans love and adore the cult brand from eastern Germany because it is one of a kind.

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For me, Sternburg means passion, authenticity, down-to-earthness, quality and many years of experience. We combine all of this in one bottle of Sternburg beer of which I am very proud.

Peer Quester First Brewmaster


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