Strategic Brands

Our brands are our heart and soul

Our brands are the heart and soul of our company. Beer is our DNA. With more than 80 brands, we are the leading company in the German beer market. Besides our nationally marketed brands like Radeberger with a pleasant hint of bitterness, sparkling Schöfferhofer, non-alcoholic Clausthaler, and the character-strong Frisian Jever, our portfolio also includes national specialties. Additionally, we offer premium and regional traditional brands from 14 beer locations throughout Germany: Berliner Kindl from the German capital, Ur‐Krostitzer from Saxony, Dortmunder Kronen, Tucher from Franconia, Stuttgarter Hofbräu, and the Allgäuer Büble beer are just a few examples. We also sell international import brands such as Guinness, Kilkenny, and Sol. That is not all: we also offer customers and consumers refreshing enjoyment in the form of non-alcoholic beverages such as Original Selters mineral water and the PepsiCo brands that we exclusively sell in selected channels in Germany.


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