Frankfurt am Main

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Strategic hub

Radeberger Gruppe KG

Darmstädter Landstr. 185
60598 Frankfurt am Main

Phone: +49 69 - 60 65 0

Frankfurt am Main in Germany: Metropolis, small town, an international stage with regional customs, and home to numerous banks. But whoever thinks fiscal policy is the only business run here, should take a second look: this is also where the headquarters of the Radeberger Gruppe is located, which is far more than “just” a brewery group. While our products are being crafted with a passion, finesse and a keen sense of regional preferences at our various breweries, in Frankfurt we also take care of the strategy and future projects that drive our corporate group forward. In an everchanging market, we step up to actively shape it.


Where to find us Learn more


Where to find us Learn more