We actually like to be the first in the market to tackle challenges, implement, shape or even mold things ...

Admittedly: with regard to “sustainability”, for once, we did not succeed in this. But that does not mean that we have neglected this topic. On the contrary: we just didn't get around to properly report on everything planned, implemented and achieved, in addition to numerous other challenging market issues that we address with a lot of energy and commitment. Thus, we are all the more proud that we have now (finally) made it: We were able to publish our first sustainability report, representing a significant milestone on our corporate family’s journey towards sustainability.

But, as the well-known proverb goes: The longer you have to wait for something, the more you appreciate it when it finally arrives ...

You will see: For us, sustainability is a balanced triad - and all things concerning “ecology” certainly play an essential role in this. But just as resolutely and with the same matter of course we also focus on social and economic issues, which are also key topics for us - as an employer, as part of our society and as an active member of many regional communities in which we are involved and engaged with our productions sites as well as subsidiary companies.

Our journey towards sustainability has now passed a milestone. And it will of course be continued, as there are still many more stages and destinations waiting to be reached: We want to accomplish much more – and have our minds set on making considerable headway.

Here, we will report regularly about this journey and our corporate family’s ongoing change process Care to accompany us now – and through the next stages? Great – we are happy to take you along.

Want to start browsing? Please find our first Sustainability Report here:


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