Who we are

The management board of the Radeberger Gruppe

A four-person management team forms the head of our company and is in charge of the strategy, its execution as well as company-wide short and long term goals.

Guido Mockel

Management spokesman
Managing director brewery business

Guido Mockel has been working for Radeberger Gruppe in various managerial functions since 2003. When appointed to the management board, he initially assumed responsibility for the brewery business of the Radeberger Gruppe in Germany, before taking on the role of management spokesman. As head of overall corporate strategy Mr. Mockel is in charge of corporate communications, distribution, logistics, marketing, purchasing along with the brewery share holdings „Tucher“ as well as „Allgäuer Brauhaus“.

Thomas Freese

Managing director export and craft beer

Thomas Freese joined the Radeberger Gruppe in 2008 as head of sales – and was responsible for the retail and restaurants business in this function. In 2015, Mr. Freese became managing director of the export department. He is also responsible for our craft beer business.

Ulf Kampruwen

Managing director trade and distribution divisions

Ulf Kampruwen started his career at Radeberger Gruppe in 2016 as head of the commercial department. As part of management, he is now responsible for the vertical corporate areas of engagement of the group, i. e. trade and distribution business. In this position, Mr. Kampruwen is in charge of business development, corporate investment and acquisition management, investment controlling, services & operations, and is responsible for the shareholdings of the corporate group in the field of beverage wholesale, beverage logistics and beverage retail.

Christian Schütz

Managing director commercial department, purchasing, IT and company shareholdings

Christian Schütz is responsible for the commercial purchasing and IT departments, as well as our company shareholdings. His career in the Radeberger Gruppe began in 2001 in acquisitions and shareholding management, while also taking on management responsibilities in various subsidiaries of the group, before finally returning to the headquarters of the Radeberger Gruppe as managing director in 2013.


The departmental managers are in charge of the operational implementation of our corporate strategy:

Frank Bleckmann Sales for hospitality and food services
Sales for hospitality and food services

joined the Radeberger Gruppe in 2018, where he is now responsible for the HORECA business. Before bringing his expertise to our involvements, Bleckmann has worked for one of the world’s largest beverage producers in the out-of-home market before getting started in Frankfurt, so he feels right at home in the beverage market.

Jens Berberich Purchase

found his way to the consumer goods industry via the restaurant sector and started his career with us in 2009 as an intern in logistics. Through numerous projects and tasks at various locations, he has collected in-depth knowledge of our corporate group from many angles and is now responsible for the overall purchasing for all locations. From brewing barley in the field to the merchandise items in retail trade, Mr. Berberich is overlooking all purchasing processes.

Jens Caßens Business development
Business development

has been working in the brewing industry continuously since 1983, covering – mostly in managing positions - a wide variety of departments including logistics, IT/organization, finance, technology, and, most recently, the HORECA business. Today, as Director of Business Development, he is responsible for the development of new business areas, cooperations, and supports our company strategically.

Hyun-Sik Choi IT service
IT service

before joining the Radeberger Gruppe in 2018 as head of IT applications, Mr Choi gained extensive management and industry experience in the consulting and finance sector. Since 2020, he has been responsible for the entire IT service area with the departments system development, system support and innovations (Digital Transformation Office).

Wolfgang Janssen Technology

started his career in the beverage industry in 1992 at our regional brewery in Jever (Friesisches Brauhaus zu Jever), where he led various technical areas, lastly the entire brewery for more than 12 years as the responsible operational manager. Since May 2015, he is now in charge of the production and technology of the Radeberger Gruppe, which, in addition to the management of operations, includes the central functions of quality, technology and product development.

Michael Keller Sales retail
Sales retail

is the retail expert of the Radeberger Gruppe: involved in the beer market since 1994, he joined the market leader in 2004. He not only leads one of the largest and most the field sales forces in the German beverages market, but is also responsible for the entire retail distribution – from annual talks with retailers to POS processing and the fundamental sales strategy.

Birte Kleppien Corporate communications, Media spokesperson
Corporate communications, Media spokesperson

moved from Germany’s capital to Frankfurt in 2006 to join the Radeberger Gruppe after previously working in a related association for several years - so it is safe to say she knows the beer market like the back of her hand. Since then she has been in charge of the corporate communications department, covering all communications matters from public affairs and crisis management to leading the editorial board of the group’s employee and customer magazine and overlooking all PR activities in the regional breweries.

Kamil Krakes International sales
International sales

has been active in the export sector since his career started in 1997. Initially closely linked to the Krusovice brand and its international rise which he, not least because of his pronounced language skills, accompanied, he has held the position of Managing Director for Export at the current brand owner. In 2009, he started in the export department of the Radeberger Gruppe in Frankfurt, which the Royal Brewery Krusovice belonged to from 1994 to 2007. There, he is responsible for international sales in parts of Europe, Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East.

Wolfgang Langer Law and assurances
Law and assurances

has been working for the Radeberger Gruppe (or the Binding Gruppe at the time) since 1989, and is the company’s legal expert. He is responsible for the areas of law and insurance: whether contract negotiations with potential partners, representation of our legal interests towards third parties, legal assessments or consultations with other departments – there is no legal topic that does not pass his desk, no juristic issue on which his advice is not sought. In addition, he was appointed Compliance Officer of the Radeberger Gruppe in 2011 – and was also admitted to practice as a lawyer.

Werner Ludwig Human resources
Human resources

has been in charge of the human resources department of the Radeberger Gruppe since 2004. As an experienced lawyer, he manages the entire spectrum of HR work - from recruitment to training and further education, the diverse subjects of collective wage agreements and work council, as well as the overall strategic orientation of the HR department, especially in this digital age. Mr. Ludwig has previously demonstrated his passion and expertise in human resources within the Oetker-Gruppe as Human Resources Manager of Henkell & Co Sektkellereien from 1997 onward.

Dietmar Partusch Logistics

has been working in brewery logistics for about 30 years, initially taking on tasks in the operational management of brewery locations, later also handling functions as a CEO of a beverage wholesaler. In 2002, he joined the Radeberger Gruppe, where he has taken responsibility for the logistics department in 2007. In addition to the operational management of the logistic centers, as well as the central freight and empties management, his focus lies on the strategic orientation of the logistics departments and matters of all group companies.

Jörg Peter International marketing
International marketing

started in the beverage industry in 1995 and joined the Radeberger Gruppe in 2006, where he initially was responsible for various national and regional brands as a Marketing Manager, then supervised a strategic process in the company as a Change Manager, before becoming National Marketing Director in 2009. Since 2013, he has been active in the export business of the Radeberger Gruppe, where he is now responsible for international marketing and sales for the Commonwealth countries.

Bernd Schulte Beverage wholesale
Beverage wholesale

has been a part of the beer division of the Oetker-Gruppe since 1996 – during this time he has gained experience in a wide range of management functions, from Head of Human Resources to the management of the Restaurant Industry sector and taking upon responsibility for microbreweries. He is now responsible for the Radeberger Gruppe’s own restaurant-industry-oriented beverage wholesalers - and has been since 2002.

Ines Stich Marketing

began her professional career with one of the world's leading beverage manufacturers before she dedicated herself to the brewery industry in 1998, in which she has worked continuously ever since. In 2013 she joined the Channel Marketing division of the Radeberger Gruppe. Later, she took the position of head of trade marketing before becoming head of Insights Consulting in 2019.

Tom Streblow Controlling

has been working continuously in the brewery industry since 1999 and started his career at what was then the Berlin Schultheiss brewery. In 2001 he started in the controlling department and took over the management in 2004 until he joined the Radeberger Group two years later. Since 2016 he has been responsible for the controlling of our group of companies.

Ralf Zimmermann Finance and accounting
Finance and accounting

joined the Radeberger Group in 2014 and has been responsible for the entire area of finance and accounting with the departments general ledger, receivables management, accounts payable and taxes since 2016. Previously, he gained experience in the field of auditing as well as in finance and accounting for international stock corporations.


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