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Allgäuer Brauhaus

Allgäuer Brauhaus AG

Königstraße 8
87435 Kempten

Tel.: 0831 - 20 50 0
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Griaß di im Allgäu! (Welcome to the Allgäu!) Crystal-clear lakes, impressive castles, high mountain peaks, and local cows that not rarely will cross paths with hikers – that is the pure Alpine joyful way of life. Without a doubt, it is one of Germany’s most beautiful regions with its untouched and multifaceted scenery, local customs and tradition, peacefulness, and breathtaking nature. Therefore, it may not be surprising that one of the oldest breweries in Germany is also located here: our Allgäuer Brauhaus, which is over 600 years old.

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The precious bond between the Allgäu, its residents and their beer is the greatest incentive for us brewers of the Allgäuer Brauhaus to do our very best every single day. We have been brewing our beers and beer specialties with great passion and pride for generations, for the Allgäu as well as all the fans beyond this beautiful place we call home.

Stefan Müller First Brewmaster


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