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Dortmunder Brauereien

Dortmunder Brauereien

Steigerstraße 20
44145 Dortmund

Tel.: 0231 8400 0
Fax: 0231 8400 340

Dortmund has done it: like a phoenix from the ashes, what was once a working city has risen to become a modern, green service-centered metropolis and, as a new center of future technologies, is experiencing one of the most rapid developments following the structural transformation in the Ruhr region. But one element of the former triad of coal, steel, and beer remains inextricably linked to Dortmund to this day: the beer! Then as now our master brewers still brew exquisite beers with great care and according to old recipes in the Dortmunder Brauerei on Steigerstraße. Fine local beer straight from the heart of the region, brewed for the people

Strategic brands on site:

The city's elixir of life is hard work, craftmanship and our brewing culture.

Christian Gruß First Brewmaster


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