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Krostitz Brauerei

Krostitzer Brauerei

Brauereistraße 12
04509 Krostitz

Tel.: 034295 – 77 60
Fax: 034295 – 77 66 6

The small village of Krostitz, in Central Germany just 15 km north of Leipzig, is a community with good taste. And the origin of a tart beer that was appreciated by the King of Sweden, Gustav Adolf, as far back as 1631. The Krostitzer Brauerei finely brews this pilsner with a strong hoppy note into a genuine dark beer. The Ur-Krostitzer brand is unfussy, self-confident, and down-to-earth.

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Since nearly 500 years, our fine tart beer is brewed in Krostitz. Tradition and a tight bond to our roots are important to us, because beer needs a place to call home. Our "Uri" beer, as it is lovinlgy called, is a vital part of this region, and this is where it belongs.

Rene Dumont First brewmaster


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