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Selters Mineralquelle Augusta Victoria

Selters Mineralquelle Augusta Victoria

Seltersweg 1
35792 Löhnberg-Selters

Tel.: 06471 – 60 90
Fax: 06471 – 60 949

Original Selters from Germany’s legendary spring - to speak of something as legendary is confident, to say the least. But nothing else would fit quite right: Selters has been the international epitome of the finest mineral water for generations. In addition, to this day the water is surrounded by myth: as far back as around 1000 A.D., the mineral springs in what is now known as the Löhnberger Becken on the northern incline of the Taunus mountain range were discovered. The water of the spring was so refreshing that even emperors and kings traveled there to enjoy it. When the spring ran dry in the early 19th century, the legend remained. Almost a century later, the people wanted to get to the bottom of the myth – and rediscovered crystal-clear water. Today, Selters from the Selters Augusta Victoria mineral spring delights lovers of the sparkling sensation all over the world.

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To maintain the extraordinary quality of our Original Selters for future generations is our aspiration and obligation alike. Using the available ressource responsibly is a vital prerequisite.

Michael Walther Production Manager Selters Mineralquelle Augusta Victoria


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