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Brauerei Schlösser

Ratinger Str. 25
40213 Düsseldorf

Tel.: 0211 4494 0
Fax: 0211 4494 298

Dusseldorfs old town, 1873: Ratinger Straße, where an honest baker by the name of Schlösser lives. However, he doesn’t want to bake bread for the rest of his days; secretly dreaming of owning a decent brewery house. So, he learns how to brew beer and calls his specialty “Schlösser Alt.” Then and now, Ratinger Straße is where life is celebrated.

Then and now Schlösser Alt is still brewed in the original local style.

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Enjoyment and Rhenish joie de vivre at the "longest bar in the world" – this is what our Schlösser Alt stands for. It is our fresh, full-flavoured original, with finely roasted malt for amber-colored brilliance brewed in the Dusseldorf style – as has been for 145 years.

Jens-Carsten Parczyk First Brewmaster


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