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Hanseatische Brauerei Rostock

Hanseatische Brauerei
Rostock GmbH

Doberaner Str. 27
18057 Rostock

Tel.: 0381 45 64 50
Fax: 0381 45 64 611

Oh, Rostock! The heart of any Mecklenburger is warmed when talk turns to Rostock.” That rough translation of a saying by a local writer and poet hits the nail right on the head – and it not only applies to people from Mecklenburg. That is because this more than 800-year-old Hanseatic city is not only a wonderful place to live, but it is also where the excellent beer of the traditional Hanseatische Brauerei Rostock is made. For more than 140 years now, the so-called Küstenbier (coastal beer) is brewed in the heart of the city for the people. So, we invite you to visit us and raise a toast to the rough coast and the people of Rostock, with their tough exterior and endearing character, with a bottle of our Rostocker beer.

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Right in the heart of our city Rostock, we brew the beer for our city and our region. Alongside my team, as a master brewer I do my job with a lot of responsibility and dedication. For this, I stand with my signature on the labels of our beers.

Uwe Kästner First Brewmaster


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